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Remote Session F.A.Q.

A remote session will allow one of our technicians to connect to your computer as if he was sitting right there in front of it, but without having to actually be at your house. 

Remote Sessions are great for things that don’t require us to have hands on the computer. As long as the device can turn on and connect to the internet, we can usually connect to it. Some uses are letting us check out a strange pop-up you received, e-mail assistance, system cleanings and tune-ups, and updating software. 

Plus as a bonus, you can stay at home and sip coffee in your jammies without us having to set foot in your house!

First you will want to schedule an appointment with us, using the green “Schedule a Service” button above. Then on the day of your service we will have you install a small piece of software to let us on, those directions are detailed below.