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Asus Laptop at WIndows login screen

Laptop Hinge Repair

“What is the most common repair you get?” This is a frequent question I get asked about laptop repairs.  I would place a laptop hinge replacement in the top 3 most common repairs. Unfortunately for many, by the time it is noticed there is a more to the replacement than just the hinge.

Over time of opening and closing the laptop the hinge may begin to wear out. Often times this isn’t noticed until the casing begins to separate. If diagnosed early the hinge can be replaced without any further damage. But, if the case has begun to separate, don’t fret, it may still be fixable.

In the case of this Asus Laptop, you can see the upper LCD casing began to separate. As the computer aged the hinge begin to wear out and was harder to open. Eventually the mounts in the case where the hinge attaches snapped. Fortunately, we were able to get to the issue before any further damage. Left unfixed, it could damage the lower case mounts, the touch screen or more.

For the Asus Q500 Laptop, I was able to source an LCD backplate and hinges together to save the customer some money. To replace the hinge does require a bit of work, so I generally recommend leaving it to someone that has done it before. There are lots of little screens and snaps that sometimes require specialty tools. In addition to all of those, you do have to disassemble the entire lower case of the laptop and the LCD screen as well. With certain models, you may also need to remove the motherboard from the computer.

Once mounted in the new hinges opened and closed just like new!

If you suspect your hinges might be failing, I highly recommend getting it looked at. We are always here to help with any of your computing needs!

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