I Love Helping Rogue Retreat Grow and Serve More People!

In the last year we’ve also been able to take a more proactive role in their care and provide managed services, which is where I personally oversee the upkeep on devices’ antivirus, Windows, and hardware without even having to make a visit. Rogue Retreat never has to worry if they are up to date or remember to ask me to check on their systems

Quality Parts: Is It OK To Use Non-OEM Replacement Parts?

Laptop screen after the computer caught fire

A better way to look at parts is quality! Is the part your buying a good quality part? OEM Parts are those made by the manufacturer, specifically for your machine. A good example would be buying an HP-branded battery for your HP Laptop. But sometimes OEM isn’t available, or sometimes the cost is significantly higher […]

SSD: Is It Worth It To Upgrade?

An SSD sitting on top of a motherboard

First, what is an SSD and why should you care? SSD is short for Solid State Drive, it is a storage device that uses flash memory. It is much like a USB thumb drive, but for storing larger amounts of data. Many laptops that are more than a few years old generally have a traditional, […]

Data Recovery: Is Everything Gone?!

Western Digital Red hard drive cut in half

Data Recovery… those words usually usually invoke anxiety. You worry if you’ve lost all your family pictures, budgets or important work and business documents. It can be extremely stressful when a hard drive fails. Sometimes clients take their computer to a trusted friend, who confirms to them that everything is lost. They need to start […]

Laptop Hinge Repair

Asus Laptop at WIndows login screen

opening and closing the laptop the hinge may begin to wear out. If diagnosed early the hinge can be replaced without any further damage.